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Thank you for your interest in pinquire. The app that allows you to locate your asset from here to there.

With pinquire you'll never lose an asset again. Save time and money by quickly locating your assets. Pinquire locates assets based on GPS coordinates and previously programmed locations. Simply enter and drop all your assets in the app. Type in the unique identifier associated with the asset, press locate, and boom: the pin identifies the location of your asset.

Any time you want to move the asset, simply type it in, find it, pick it up, and move it, then, drop it. Now you have successfully moved it from one location to another and documented the process.

So, when you have a customer on your lot and you want to show them the unit they're interested in, you won't have to waste time trying to find it. When you want to grab a unit to load up and ship out, open the app, locate it, pick it up, and ship it out.

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